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CascademtN Rebekah Rose * US

Sex: Females
Date of birth: 2013-03-23
Color: Black tabby (n 22)

She is comes from America. She has unique pedigree.  She has amazing super forehead with a long muzzle and strong chin! I love her appearance so much. Beautiful shape of her body, nice tabby pattern. Her babies super strong with heavy body, amazing profile and forehead. 

She is absolutely purring machine, very loud by purring, so kind girl my Rebekah. 

PawPeds link (pedigree): http://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=1215721&g=4&p=mco&date=iso&o=ajgrep

Complete inbreeding = 21,6%

Clones = 38,2%

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HCM gen N/N
HCM eco Normal
PKD gen Negative
PKdef Negative
SMA Negative
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