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Shellys Dream Kirke

Sex: Females
Date of birth: 2016-08-27
Color: n

She is my amazing, own breed beauty. No, she is not a 'rabbit cat', but, i mean my one of the most beautiful young female into my cattery. Why i think that? She has excellent profile and forehead, excellent muzzle, not too long and not short. She is super harmonic lady for me. With very long body and tail, super stong bones, she is already very heavy, big lady. And about ears, She has on very good place top of her ears. Yes, i think that she is show quality cat, with nice temper. 

about her color: black solid with out white spot (for me that is mistake) and she is dilute by genetics

PawPeds link(családfa): https://pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=1338754&g=4&p=mco&o=ajgrep

Complete inbreeding = 14,9%

Clones = 36,1%

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HCM gen N/N
HCM eco Normal
PKD gen Negative
PKdef Negative
SMA Negative
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