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Well Being Feckla *RU

Sex: Females
Date of birth: 2015-02-01
Color: Blue (a)
She is very attractive lady, with super storng chin, strong wild look, very nice ears top of her head.
Nicel blue color, with out white spot, her ears standing on perfect palce top of her head. 
Her temper uniq,  very communicative gilr. She is comes form Russia. 
Her profile, i mean more then perfect. Very nice shape of her forehead. I love her so so much, for me, She is THE Maine Coon!

Complete inbreeding = 37,2%
Clones = 35,8%
PKdef: negative
PRA: negative
PKD: negative
HD: negative
Filters results
HCM gen N/N
HCM eco Normal
PKD gen Negative
PKdef Negative
SMA Negative
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